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Monday, April 4, 2011

And then there was a Haul.. an experiment and a work in progress...

Hi All, I've just finished a marathon of video posting on Youtube.  5 haul videos and a video about some homemade glimmer mists. When I started watching videos on youtube I never thought I would actually post something I made myself yet I find myself excited to do so. I have 4 subscribers too! Ok you may be thinking only 4, but to me those 4 are precious people I know it's just a click of a button but it's a click of a button for me and that makes me feel all warm inside. I am ever grateful for that contact with other people. 

I think I am almost done with my shopaholic moment for now. I had to do a little more this morning though, totally justified I assure you. I saw a video by Arlene at mybutterflykisses12 (I love Arlene!)  where she showed off a recent haul containing the pink paislee Butterfly Garden papers and I fell in love. Ensue panicked searching for somewhere in the UK that had them. Have I mentioned how difficult it is to get the things I see in the videos over here? It can be like living in a black hole! I managed to find them in the uk from Craftobsessions.co.uk, I've ordered from them before and have mentioned them in my haul vids so far. I got 2 each of the papers and the wood shapes and the metal charms and the rub ons. I also gave in and got the bo bunny Gabrielle collection and I mean I GOT the collection. I got  buttons and brads and chipboard and stickers. I am so excited I've never managed to find complete collections before. Usually just maybe the paper and some stickers but they have it all and I bought it all. I wasn't planning on spending anymore money and I will probably have to not get something else this month but I really think I had to do it. What if I had waited and they sold it all???? It's gorgeous it could happen!I'll make a video when I get them.

I spent the weekend in pain, some muscle relaxants later and I can move my head again but this means I haven't been able to craft as much as I would like, I had to content myself with making some home made glimmer mists instead. (sitting hunched over the desk while I crafted just wasn't happening as much as I tried) I watched about a million videos and gathered the basic principal. Water, glue, pigment, shimmer. So I set about making them, I don't think the formula is terribly specific and I switched and changed them time and time again. more water more shimmer more paint- too thick- pour half away add more water. I'm happy with the colours I got. I don't have perfect pearls so I used metallic paints and some cake decorating lustre dusts I had in my cake decorating stash. I like them I think they worked well. I urge everyone who hasn't tried to have a go. You get the custom colours you want and they work out a lot cheaper. Don't get me wrong I will still get some glimmer mists sometime in the future if I see a special one. Also I want to try the Tim Holtz method using the distress reinkers I just have to get some of those first!

Last night I felt up to crafting and decided to start an altered canvas project. It's a work in progress but as soon as it is finished I will take a picture and show you all. I'm also working on making something I can do a tutorial on but at the min I don't think there is anything I can do that other people haven't already done tutorials on. But I'll get there and when I have something worthy of showing I will. Wish me luck and I hope you have a great day.


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