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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Seeing Signs Everywhere..

I think I might have gone sign crazy. I don't know what it is but I'm finding it satisfying making signs, big signs, small signs, banner signs the lot. They are quick to make just to relax after a long day at work and I come away feeling like I've accomplished something. Ok so it isn't world peace but hey everyone has to start somewhere.

I'll show you a couple I've made.

This is the sign that inspired the name of this blog and my Youtube name, I don't know where it came from but it was pretty insistent. This is a 6x6 chipboard piece, I mod podged a piece of vintage sheet music to it then took some torn book pages inked them up with frayed burlap then darkened the edges with Walnut stain. Again they were modpodged to the music sheet. 

I got these gorgeous vintage mulberry flowers at a craft fair, they are 2cm across and came in a pack of 20 for £2.99 from the lovely Jill at Thehobbyhouse.co.uk, I've just ordered another 12 packs Jill is amazing, and their customer service is brilliant. I just can't get enough of them and they are selling out quick this first batch probably wont make it to the website and they are handmade so there is a 3 month wait until the next shipment is due in. Jill saved me some and I just ordered them over the phone. I just can't say how stunning they really are. I'm in love with them hahaha, think I've used them on everything I've done since I got them.

I used some pearl buttons and some silver filigree butterflies. The flowers the butterflies and the pearls were all stuck down with my glue gun. The letters are brown foam letters. This now sits on a little easel just to the left of my work desk in all it's vintage yumminess.  

I'd definitely feeling the vintage at the moment, this is another I made to go on my work room door. Just incase anyone was in doubt I am indeed a happy crafter at work! This one is a 12x12 piece and it seems to have a 20's vibe to it. Maybe it's the peacock feathers I'm not sure. 

The lace was cream but I just sprayed it with cocoa glimmer mist to make it more vintage. The flowers are a mixture of the mulberry roses from Thehobbyhouse, Purple prima and a gorgeous lollypop flower I got from the wonderfully talented craftbrulee on ebay.co.uk. I think I bought most of what she had and I'm going to run out so I'm keeping my eye on her store to see if I can get more. Again with the prima bling, everyone knows you can't do without that. 

Right I think that is about that. I know I mentioned a haul and I'm getting there I'm just waiting for a few more things to come through then I'll do a massive haul video. Probably Saturday night as my Mum found a store near to our home that is FULL of crafting supplies so I might have even MORE to show. I'll give you a teaser though. 
Sorry about the glare but look at all that Tim Holtz goodness!

Have fun 
Han xx

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My First Project Share

I thought I'd share something I've been working on. I'm experimenting on themes I've seen online and having a go myself. This is my LIVE LAUGH LOVE altered book box. 


 It all started with the paper rosette flower the big one. I saw a Tim Holtz video about the paper rosette die and loved the look. Unfortunately at the moment I haven't got a die cutting machine (it's on the ever growing list lol) and needed to have a go at making my own. 

Now I don't have a scallop punch either (bear with me I know you're thinking "what exactly does she have??") I've only been doing this for 3 months and that's only 3 paydays so I'm getting there. I do however have some decorative edge scissors. I cut a 2 1.5 inch strips of paper from a 6inch paper pad (K and co Bailey stack) and cut along one side with the scissors with the scallop scissors. Now the scallop edges were too close together to fold each scallop so I concertina folded it every 2 scoring it first. I didn't measure it and I wasn't so careful about them being straight but it doesn't seem to matter and followed the rest of the instructions in the video. I inked the edges with frayed burlap distress ink after I'd stuck it all down. I could have done this before I folded it but I didn't think I was going to keep it. The brass centre of the flower is just a button I had bought to replace a lost one on a top I have (which I've since lost so hey ho might as well use it) just glued in with my hot glue gun. 

So I had a flower and nothing else. But looking at it it was shouting at me to use it. Forget about sleep people this was important! Like a woman possessed I rooted through my paper and embellishments. The Tim Holtz pad I've been saving? Out it came! The chains lying forgotten in a storage box after I sidelined jewelery making were remembered and unearthed. Black prima pearls, charms, distress inks, spare paper all piled up on the desk in front of me and suddenly I  had a project. Unexpected but welcome all the same.

You might be able to tell I am already a Tim Holtzaholic. The ornate plate, the type charms the cogs the muse token the paper the adage ticket. It's hard to resist his collections are just too beautiful. 

I wanted some movement on this box so although the chain is glossy accented to the piece the charms are just hanging free from the loops. The charm at the top was just made with beads from my jewelery stash and I'm in love with keys. I want to use them everywhere!

Now I'm excited to get home I have 2 boxes yes people 2 boxes full of goodies waiting for me at home. I'll make my FIRST ever haul video when all my things turn up and I'll take a photo to post and show you.

I love the phrase Live Laugh Love, it really is a mantra for life. It is something I aspire to each day, what better words could I use as a reminder of what is important in life? So I leave with this live like it's your last day, laugh to lighten your heart and love with the whole of your being.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

In the beginning there was an admission......

Hi my name is Hannah and I'm an addict...

I'm addicted to paper and to metal and canvas and card and glue and tape and paint and .... and... (please feel free to fill in the blanks yourselves) and all the endless possibilities they offer.  I see those things and they scream and shout "use us.. put us together and make us shine" and I can't help but hear them and try and do them justice

All the things we have to do on a daily basis, go to work, spend 2 hours in traffic, deal with angry people on the phone, coping with the stress of the work day, doing all the household chores, running around fixing things for other people. All of this is all made up for  by the thing we WANT to do. We want to craft. If fills us with calm, melting the stresses of the day away. Whether we have 30 minutes or 3 hours just tucked away in a craft room or just at the kitchen table, the world melts away and while we may get frustrated when something isn't working, don't panic, it will. Everything happens for a reason.

I was watching a film the other day, Julie and Julia about a woman searching for purpose and herself and discovered blogging as a means to it. As cliche as it sounds it struck a chord with me but whilst I love to cook I don't think I could blog about it like she does. Now crafting is something I've just started, something I can discover and write about all at the same time and maybe learn something along the way. You just never know.

So for now as a crafter I'm just hatched but I'll post the things I make and the hauls I get and my thoughts and finds and discoveries. My insight into my little craft world.  Hopefully I'll grow quickly and if there is ever anyone out there reading this then I'd like to invite you to join me on this journey..