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Friday, April 8, 2011

Inspiration or copying?? and a little Mariposa project,

Hey All,I'm struggling with something. I watch youtube videos on projects and tutorials and am obviously inspired by them. What I worry about is that I end up copying them. I mean how much of it can be me if I'm pulling bits and pieces from other people's work? Can I claim it as my own work if in my eyes it looks like everyone elses?? 

I know I'm still learning this and it's only been 3-4 months since I started any of this but it's something I worry about all the time. I suppose you could say that when we are using the same products there are limitations to how many variations of things you can have. So it stands to reason  things will be similar and that if someone shares something beautiful or a new idea, then we are going to want to try and make it ourselves. So I ask you where is the line drawn? When am I ceasing to be an "artist" and merely becoming a forger??

I'm trying to think of original things to do but at the moment I have limited resources so it can be a challenge. I really need to get a die cutting machine but I'm having to prioritize things on my to get list and the big shot keeps moving down the list. I'm also searching for alternative things I can use as the supplies in the UK are just so expensive something like double the price. I'd love to go to America and have a great craft stash buying holiday but I haven't been on Holiday for years. Infact the last time I left the country I was 16 I'm 27 now. But that's a whole set of insecurities brought on by a parent and his big mouth. 

Ok enough of that until I get my current altered box completed I think I'll post just a little look at a small altered chest and mini I made for my Mum. 

Mariposa Mini and storage chest....

 I made this Mini using a small  cardboard treasure chest I got at hobbycraft, some champagne gold acrylic paint and what I had left of the Mariposa mat stack after making my Mariposa Mini. Just a little gift for my Mum, I haven't got round to putting pictures in it yet as I have to find some.

Red Medici flower from Prima say it in crystals bling from Prima

 I had to cut out each of these pages by hand as I don't have a die cutting machine. My hands were in pieces lol.
Acetate butterfly left over from my mini

I made this charm using a swivel clasp found on Ebay, Tim Holtz Fragments some crystal drops and metal charms.

Well that is about it for today, who knows I may feel inspired later and come  back with another post. Thank you for reading.
Han xx

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