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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Swap anxiety....

Hey everyone. Happy Sunday to you all. Its beautiful weather here in the UK sunny and warm and here I am in work looking at it out of the window!!! What a waste but I suppose if I want to keep spending I have to do the work to earn the money.

For the past 2 days all I've done is watch videos on youtube on charm swaps. I've made the plunge and asked to be in 2 swaps from the life on the {scrap} beach website. Both charm swaps and now I'm in a panic over not making things good enough. I've got a background in jewellery making (mostly charm bracelets bursting with charms and beads ets) so I should be ok but I'm worried that I'll let people down. I think I know what to expect as I've watched all the videos I can find and I've read and re-read the information provided in the sign up pages. 

I know the lovely ladies out there in the scrapbook community are wonderful people and wouldn't jump on me like a bug but I just wanted to get it out there. 

Oh and another thing does anyone know how long it takes to ship things to America? I want to make sure I send them off with plenty of time.

I'm going to start making some tonight and I'll post some pics see if anyone can tell me if this is the sort of thing I should be doing. I might take some pics of the jewelery I've made as well seeing as I am still working on my altered box and it isn't finished yet and I haven't added any pictures for a few days. 

This blog seems to be diversifying day by day. I started it to become involved in something and to show off my scrapping journey but it seems to be more about my creative journey rather than just a scrapping journey. I've watched peoples videos and I see that people aren't just one thing. People are mixed media artists, scrapbookers, card makers, altered art makers jewelery makers. Perhaps I don't have to be just one thing perhaps I can just be a crafter and be happy.

So today I've had insecurities and revelations pretty good I think. I hope the day finds you well and enjoying the time off in whatever way makes you feel happiest. 

All My Love 

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  1. Oh please don't panic. Your work is amazing. It is so original and special. Anyone would be honored to swap with you.
    ps can you get me a link to the website you swap on? I can't find it. My email address is happydales@me.com

    Thank you.