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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Posing a question....and bending the rules

Hi all,
I have a question for you. I see the videos on Youtube about people participating in swaps and wonder how do I get involved? I'd love to join a group where I can send bits and pieces to other crafters internationally. Be it charms or mini pages or tags anything really.   I'd start my own little group doing swaps and such but I don't really have any one to include in it and I don't think sending myself things in the post has the same effect.

So if anyone is reading this please can you help a girl out? I'd love to become an involved member of a community of crafters but really don't know where to start.  As I said I'm more than willing to post internationally but I would love to strike up relationships with other crafters. I'm a bit (ok a lot) of a loaner as I don't really have anyone that shares my interests (scrapbooking, crafting, cake decorating, reading) and would love to make some crafting friends.

I know this is the second post in a row without project pictures but I'm working on a canvas at the moment and I think it's going on ok. I should finish it this week and I'll share it as soon as I do. But seeing as it's my blog and I can do what I want lol I'm going to post a picture of one of the cakes I've made.

I made this cake for a Friends brother in laws wedding. The sister of the groom was supposed to be doing the cake but decided that as she didn't decorate cakes that it was probably a bit much and I agreed to make it.  It isn't an original design but my take on a pink cake box cake. Hope you like it and thank you for looking.

Thank you for reading and for giving any advice if you have the time.

Han x

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  1. Han do you have skype on your computer? We can craft together if you do. It is a free service all you need to do is download it. Please email me if you are interested. I skype craft with friends all over the US all the time. I only have 3 friends in St Louis that like to craft like I do.
    You probably think I'm a stalker because I've been leaving comments like mad. LOL LOL LOL I'm not. Just craft crazy.