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Monday, April 11, 2011

Ok still no pictures...

No pictures again today but I'm getting there. I made my charms this morning (not that I know I am in the swap yet as it hasn't been updated) so I'm ready. The instructions were that they could be different and in any colour but I've made 5 of one kind and 5 of another as I asked for 2 spaces in the swap. I mean if I'm sending 5 charms I might as well send 10. I've also confirmed I am in a swap hosted by the lovely Leonie Castro for a Tim Holtz swivel clasp charm swap. I've been buying like a demon and I'm going to make vintagey steampunky lovelies. With a bit of vintage England added in (at least that is the plan will have to see if it works but I bought the drill bits required!).

I just have to decorate the tags for the ones I have already made and then I can take pictures of the completed things. Have to wait for the contact details of the hostess to send them off if I do get the places I asked for. But either way I'm going to put them on here so you can tell me if I am heading in the right direction with them. 

Also another discovery not only am I addicted to the mariposa papers the steampunk debutante papers have snuck inside and lodged themselves in my heart. I just bought 3 sheets of each of the 12x12 papers 2 of the tag sheets and 1 of the frames sheet. I have the 8x8 stack and I've used 2 pieces of that and it hurt I tell you! But I just had to stock up on them. But you know how it is lol. 

So not really much to say today, really just a quick note and a promise of better posts. Have a lovely evening and enjoy whatever you are doing. xxx Han

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