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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Captivating Canvas

Just back with a little project share. This is a canvas I made a while ago. I haven't had chance to photograph anything new recently but I may post some videos on here later.

I thoroughly enjoy making canvas'. They are quite quick to make and at the end of it all you have something pretty to put on the wall. Heck who knew an easy to store project!?! I don't have a lot of room in my craft space so storage is at a premium. I can hang these on the wall and make the place pretty while I'm at it.

I get my canvas' from a variety of places, craft shops, art shops and even carboot sales. I've recycled some going over prints with gesso then using it like a new canvas too. I suppose it's like making a 12x12 layout but I've never made one of those.

The one I'm going to show you was one I was inspired to make when I was making my Marilyn charms for Leonie's charm swap over at the beach. I'm not usually  pink girl. I love it with other colours, green and brown especially but not usually on its own. Have to say on this one there was no choice. The wonderful Marilyn wanted to be surrounded by pink and I just had to go with it.

You can't really see in this pic but the background was done with acrylic paint in pink and vintage white and then liberally sprayed with both sunlight mist and angel mist by Cosmic Shimmer. Very sparkly but not over the top and in your face.  

I used some of the Tim Holtz film strip ribbon as nod to her career in the movies. Going with the natural curl after you take it out of the tin (which is oh so cute!) I just curled it around the flowers giving it more dimension. I made a large organza flower and used some gorgeous Prima roses that I added lace to.

Ok just one more pic and I'm outta here for now.
I mean come on just how amazing is this picture! She looks so serene I saw it and had to do something with it. Thank you for stopping by and I'll be back with more soon. Possibly even tonight!

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