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Saturday, July 30, 2011


 Good Morning! I'm a crafter in the UK and didn't know where to start to find supplies. We don't have so many actual brick and mortar shops from what I can find but we have some good online shops so I thought I'd share the ones I use incase they can help another crafter who is just starting out.  I've not got these in any specific order as I love them all. I've just written them in the order I've thought of them.

1. www.craftsuperstore.co.uk - if you join the mailing list you get an email every so often telling you about the current deals. I've got some really good things from them and are one of my frequent stops for goodies. You have to be quick with some of the deals as they sell out fast. I've bought prima paper kits and basic gray paper kits for £3.99 from there.

2. www.craftobsessions.co.uk - Great sales and great selection of goodies. Unfortunately I missed out on the smash books. They sold out before the email made it to everyone saying they were in. I got some of the stickers and things for them in hope that I'll get one when they come in next time.

3. www.craftyindividuals.co.uk - Beautiful red rubber stamps and papers and other goodies.

4.  www.craft-emporium.co.uk - Amazing sale on at the moment, I just ordered a pile of goodies and they always have great deals.

5 . http://cuddlybuddly.com/ - great selection of alterable items here. Good quality too.

6. www.thecraftbarn.co.uk - Lovely stamps and a great selection of cosmic shimmer products.

7. www.wildorchidcrafts.com - Everyone knows WOC, great flowers great prices and they are in the UK!

8. www.allthingscrafty.co.uk - Best selection of Prima bling I have found in the UK

9. www.thefruitpixie.co.uk/ -  Great ephemera and curiosities. Great £1 section too.

10. www.craftathome.co.uk - I've had several packages from these friends above the boarder (Scotland lol) super quick delivery and a great selection of goodies.

So people that is my list of shops I love. I'll probably add to them over time as I discover more favorites.  I hope they can help someone who is struggling to find the goodies they are looking for.

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